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As simple as 1, 2, 3…


On the ride back from picking my grandson up from school Thursday, he decided to show me he could count to 100….

And then continued on to 200 instead.

He could and would have kept going by the way if I hadn’t changed the discussion to some of the many reasons I am proud of him.


It would be a mistake to think that the accomplishment of counting to 100 and beyond is easy,

though it is true that it’s simple to continue counting to whatever number (Triton proudly told me he could go to 1000)

once you understand the principles of counting.


As is often the case for me, this simple interaction set me onto a meditation……..

perhaps ALL things in life are just like counting-

not necessarily easy to learn, but simple to apply once the principle is understood.


I mean, once Triton understood 1-10, how to count by 10, and then the pattern of how to continue, applying the same rules again and again, he could do so with ease……

What if  life is like that?

And, by life, I mean the stuff that life is made of: relationships, business, growth, personal and professional development, accomplishment, fitness, finance, friends, freedom, following, fun…………


I think that it is.

And I can say with candor that, in this particular math, i.e. the equations and formulas that dictate our success and failure at the challenges and opportunities of life,

that I have learned some lessons well and am still working on and in the others.


Perhaps, if you pause to think about it, the same is true for you.


Almost assuredly, this is a math worth learning;

and, as in math, the key is that we have to learn, comprehend and apply the principles, and even that we have to learn them in the right order, if we are to be able to apply them to like problems going forward.


And, like a young child first learning to count, that’s simple but not easy.


But it is worth it!



Grand Master Stephen J. Del Castillo

Author, MBA & 7th Degree Blackbelt
Founder & Chief Master Instructor,
Krav Maga Martial Arts 

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   I hope that you are too!

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