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Meditations on Mastery Episode 10: Blackbelt Extravaganza Spring 2021!

Watch all the best highlights from our Spring 2021 Krav Camp, Blackbelt Testing, and Blackbelt Extravaganza & Belt Promotions! Hear the stories of our new 2021 Blackbelts Journey's!

Meditations on Mastery Episode 9: with Dr. Tanya Gold & Dr. Drew Gold

Grandmaster Stephen Del Castillo interviews Holistic Dr. Tanya Gold, and Dr. Drew Gold!

Meditations on Mastery Episode 8: It’s a Family Affair! Scott Dorman

website: https://www.devevolved.net/ About the company: Founded in 2015, DevEvolved built on the foundation of providing high-quality, cutting-edge software using modern design principles, clean code, and straightforward solutions at an affordable price. The team is led by Scott Dorman, an 11-time Microsoft MVP in Visual Studio and Development Technologies with almost 30 years of industry experience. Our company culture is focused on software developers' unique needs, allowing us to cultivate a group of exceptional developers with a passion for what they do. We work and grow together, both professionally and personally, and build relationships within the company and our clients that focus on long-term business success. Our core beliefs are • Building a relationship is the most effective way to share knowledge and increase our sense of accomplishment. • Day-to-day excellence earned through hard work and collaboration. • Leadership means making sure every person has the knowledge, tools, and opportunity to succeed and grow. • Honesty, respect, and integrity are integral in every situation, with no exceptions. Nathan Dorman: Instagram: https://instagram.com/winterhawkphotography website: https://winterhawk.photography About: Nathan is an aspiring teenage amateur photographer, mostly focused on nature and landscape photography.

Meditations on Mastery Episode 7: Blackbelt Foundational Superpowers!

Grandmaster teaches on the "Six" Blackbelt Leadership Foundational Superpowers!

Meditations on Mastery Episode 6:Sensei Kyle Bierly, Chief Instructor of KMMA

Grandmaster Stephen J. Del Castillo interviews Sensei Kyle Bierly, the Chief Instructor of Krav Maga Martial Arts, a US Marine, and Engineering Major at the University of South Florida.