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Why We Train


One of our favorite sayings, reference our self defense training, is that we pray for the best, but train for the worst.

There are two hopefully obvious insinuations of this maxim which are:

  1. better to be prepared and never need it, that to need it and not be prepared and,
  2. we must train realistically, and hard enough, to create said preparedness.


But, if we have our way, we will never have to use the self defense aspects of our art. Does this mean our training in wasted?

Of course not!

Martial arts training develops fitness, focus, discipline, leadership and goal setting skills to name a few!


These are all great benefits for all people of all ages, but let us focus for a moment especially on our important task of helping raise up a child in the way he or she should go.

The four laws of concentration and the seven words of respect are just two examples of the way that we train children with the positive habits that will serve them well for success in school, in life and in their future!


Can you imagine what kids empowered with these kinds of leadership skills are capable of?

Would you like to?


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