On Accuracy & March Madness At KMMA!

Our students are testing for their accuracy stripes this week at KMMA. Accuracy in the martial arts carries two important meanings:

  1. It is hitting the correct target with the correct weapon at the correct time and
  2. the quality or state of being correct or precise or, as Merriam-Webster puts it, freedom from mistake or error.

While both are critical to martial arts excellence (and I can also make the argument that both can be taken out of the dojo and into the world to be applied to any myriad of life lessons), it is on the definition of doing something correctly that I want to share today.

Have you ever said, to your child or someone else, “I wish I would have known then what I know today”?

Of course, we all have. I believe this is a remourse borne of doing some things incorrectly. This is not to chastise us for this; we know that we have to make mistakes to learn and we have to fail forward to eventually succeed.

But I know that in my personal finance, in relationship, in business and in other areas as well, I would have liked to have learned a lot quicker.

I love that we teach our students the value of doing it as accurately as we can as quickly as we can. The sooner we can “get it right” the sooner we can move on to another lesson.

I believe there are a few key elements to accuracy that apply to our training in martial arts, but also in life:

  1. Attitude- We have to want to get it right and we have to expect to get it right.
  2. Work- We have to do the hard work of doing what it takes to get there.
  3. Discipline- Getting success at anything isn’t always exciting. We have to have the discipline to do what we have to do again and again until we get the desired outcome, and then do it some more. Discipline alows us to embrace the mundane to get to the great.
  4. Growth- The color green represents accuracy because it also represents growth. As a student becomes more accurate in execution, we know that they are growing. The same is true in our lives. To maximize growth:
    1. practice daily,
    2. choose the right mentors/teachers in each area you want to grow, and
    3. have an attitude of CANI (constant and never-ending improvement). Good enough is the enemy of excellent.


I hope you enjoyed this little lesson and, more importantly, I hope it helps you. Teach it to someone you love.

When we teach we also learn; and you just may help someone keep from saying they wish they would have known.


Sensei Diego flying high over Hiawassee Georgia last weekend


March Madness At KMMA

  March is the month for the best events and the best specials, for students, future students and framily of KMMA!

   March Madness Events:

  • My new Martial Arts Professional (MAP) Course begins March 6! This is my private college level education in which I am training the future instructors and other martial arts professionals for the next evolutions of our organization to grow into our Vivid Vision! See your Sensei or email me if empowering lives through martial arts is a calling you could be excited about. We are accepting cadets to train for entry level positions as high school and college jobs and for career minded professionals who would love to love their job and make a difference every day!

  • Friday the 13th Not So Scary Parents Night Out! A FREE community event for KMMA students, guests. All community school aged kids are invited for their first PNO with us for free!

  • Spring Break Camp! Also open to all students, their friends and all KMMA community kids near either of our great locations! Kids will have fun, make new friends and learn something new and no martial experience is neccessary, but your kids will get some!

  • Comprehensive Weapons Defense Monthly Mastery Seminar March 20

  • KMMA 1st Annual Spring Tournament!

  • Belt Testing March 25&26

  • Krav Camp and Blackbelt Testing March 27-29! (last week at $399! goes to full price March 1)

 March Madness Specials: