Good Enough Is The Enemy Of Excellent


One of the Blackbelt Leadership principles we teach is that “good enough is the enemy of excellent”. It’s an important reminder that we can always be better, do better and create better. It’s used in the context of our martial arts training and also relevant to every other important pursuit: business, family, school, etc.


So it’s no wonder that I am “finishing” my book until the very end. I am meeting with the publisher in about an hour to tell him that I have the really finished draft this time and it can go to editing and the rest of the publishing process now. But I literally worked like another ten hours on the book yesterday, even though I’ve been writing it, to include compiling, sorting and editing things I’d already written as well as what I wanted to add new, for months now. But I reread the whole thing yesterday and added small but important pieces to make it flow, educate and edify even better. I can honestly say that I am now very proud of what I produced!


I can’t wait to share it with you!


But now to the flip side of the lesson; you know there’s always a yin for every yang.


I started writing the book almost a decade ago. The original intro I dug up said that I committed to write the book by my 45th birthday. I’ll be 52 next month.


So, while good enough IS the enemy of excellent, it is also true that we have to be willing to get ‘er done. My desire for perfection in my book probably led to fear and doubt, and probably then a myriad of distractions that allowed me to move my book to the back burner. I fell into the common condition I like to call “analysis paralysis”. At some point you have to stop thinking and make something happen!


But I did get it done; and it was an important goal to me, so I am so glad that I got it done.

In fact, volume one will release very soon here and volume two is only a couple of months behind it. I had so much content that we decided two smaller, more targeted books would better serve.


This book is going to be great for a lot of people.

And while I am sure I could make it even better, I am also sure it wasn’t doing anything for anyone sitting and waiting to be done.


What big goals have you put on the back burner perhaps for reasons similar to these?


Remember, Good Enough Is The Enemy of Excellent.


But Well Done Is Better Than Well Said.

Benjamin Franklin


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