When working at a place, whether part or full time, my heart isn’t in it unless I feel a connection with the place and its people.  When my heart isn’t in int, I tend give less than my best.  At KMMA, I feel a link to the mission, the culture, and most of all, the people.
     To me, KMMA is wrought with “framily”.  “Framily” is a new word which combines “friends” with “family”.  It is a hybrid that takes the best from both.  In the KMMA framily we are are cognizant of each others strengths and weaknesses, and I see effort from everyone to bring their best and fill in the voids when needed.
     Family is something that typically you do not chose, so it is imperative that we encourage one another where there is that need, help carry each other’s burdens, overlook minor offenses and imperfections, and relish in each other’s happy moments as they come.
     Friends we do get to chose, and we chose them because of qualities we find endearing; friends are chosen because we want to be around them.  I chose to befriend KMMA because of the close-knit culture and the positive energy that has the ability to illuminate a potentially dark day.  I love seeing the focus, determination and discipline in action that drives the way we do business every day.
      I believe in our mission to empower lives through martial arts; what’s more, I love being a part of  it.
     I admire Grand Master’s love for his craft, how intentional he is about sharpening the sword, and how he perseveres through daily trials and tribulations, rolling with the punches, motivating himself and his Team to live out his mission.
Ruthe Flores