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Back to School Necessities

Are You Ready Or What?

  It’s Time To Get Back To Living and Learning

I know how many of you feel. 2020 was a lost year. It’s time for our kids to get back to school, back to socializing with friends, back to learning!

It’s that time for the rest of us too. 🙂

All KMMA classes are family classes- so you and your family can train together and still each get exactly what you need!

But don’t take my word for it.

Call 813-948-4844 or click here to begin your 2 week free trial and orientation for you and your family today!


Is Your Daughter Safe?

  Free Women’s Self Defense Seminars For The Next Two Weekends.

I have spoken to many parents trying to get their daughters into krav calsses here at the last second before they get into college. I understand the concern.

  So I spoke to our own Sensei Sarah Church and she will be heading up Self Defense Classes for the next two Saturdays.

In it, we have chosen the most fundamental self defense skills for the most common threats a women may face and will be teaching the most basic defenses to prepare the ladies that come as best we can in the small time some of them have before they head to school. Of course moms, siblings and all community ladies are welcome too.

This is a FREE KMMA COMMUNITY EVENT. Contact Sensei Sarah at 813-948-4844 to get more details and reserve your spot.


Leaders Are Readers

   I will be teaching the 6 Foundational Superpowers and Ch. 7 on discovering your unique one through August and September! Students, bring your Developing Your Supoerpower books! We will be working from them and I’ll sign them for you too if you want. cool

If you’re a student and don’t have a copy of my book yet, stop and see Ms. Ruthe or Ms. Barb at the front desk and they’ll hook you up.

    Not a student yet?

Register here for your 2 week free trial and personalized copy of my book!



This Back To School Season, Equip Your Student With The Tools For Success!



We teach our students the “magical language of respect” from their very first intro class at Krav Maga Martial Arts. We call the language of respect “magical” because when we give respect, we get it in return. And look, I know that’s not always true; but I also know that it is always the best way to start. So we teach our foundations students the 7 words of respect from the beginning. These are: yes sir, no sir, yes ma’am, no ma’am, please, thank you and you’re welcome. I know these words aren’t new or novel; but wouldn’t you agree, they are becoming too rare? As with all things, we choose not to complain about the situation, but to do all that we can do about it and, for us, that means making Respect important again.


We teach two extremely important types of respect at Krav Maga Martial Arts.

  1. Respect for self.
  2. Respect for others.

      Both are critical to becoming a Blackbelt Leader with Blackbelt Superpowers.


The former informs our personal powers and empowers us to develop each and all of them.

The latter gives us influence and power with others.


Respect for self is developed in a myriad of ways through our Foundations and Blackbelt Leadership process. The creation of self esteem, pride and the superpower Confidence, are developed through many small experiences, exercises and accomplishments that come together to create huge results towards creating a Blackbelt Leader and a Superhero at life!


As with the 7 Words of Respect, though, these all begin where all great training does- at the beginning.


So one of the first things the new White Belt beginner learns is our student creed.

Notice that the very first line addresses one of the very first things that one must do to develop self respect: develop self in a positive manner (through martial arts, reading, exercise, nutrition and the other positive tools we instill) and avoid anything that could reduce my mental growth or physical health. I am sure you won’t have too difficult a time identifying many of the threats and plagues in our society today that we all should avoid. This is a worthwhile discussion for parents to have with their children, and of course one that even adults need sometimes to be reminded about.


We also develop students’ respect for themselves by helping them discover that they can do things they didn’t know that they could do. This is an incremental process wherein the student is developing physical, mental and leadership abilities that, in some cases, they didn’t even know existed and, in others, that they just didn’t know they could have.  At the beginning we praise them for even small accomplishments. Later, the accomplishments become greater and more people begin to notice and to praise. Eventually, and most importantly, the student begins to praise themself! The once clumsy student realizes they are becoming coordinated; the weak become strong, the slow becomes fast, the distracted focuses, the fearful gains confidence. All begin to respect themself, and evolve into Blackbelt Leaders.


The second type of respect that we teach is respect for others. It’s easier once we develop respect for ourselves. Tools like the magical language of respect, the 7 Words of respect, and the protocols and traditions of the dojo all come together to create a culture and climate of respect that then begets Respect in  the students for the rest of their lives.


By the way, on the way to becoming Blackbelts, as students earn rank, they develop more and more respect for themselves, and notice that others respect them more too. They learn to respect their seniors in rank, not for the position but for the abilities and character they witness- especially in the Blackbelts, and especially because of the respect they receive from these Superheroes who they have now come to look up to.


And then, one day, they take and pass their Blackbelt test. They are reborn into a world of Respect that they could never have imagined (though we helped them do so through the years it took to get here; see the chapter on Vision) and they now know Respect as a Superpower and have Superhero-like respect for themself and for others!